Thank you for choosing to share your current development position announcement with AFPCCC.

The fees for posting a job are as follows (if you are a search firm on behalf of a client you must pay the NonMember fee):
- $55.00 (AFPCCC Members) / $95 (NonMembers) for 30 days
- $105.00 (AFPCCC Members) / $145 (Nonmembers) for 60 days
- $130.00 (AFPCCC Members) / $170 (Nonmembers) for 90 days

All job posting requests must be submitted through the link below prior to posting.  Directions on how to submit your job posting will be in your confirmation e-mail.

Job openings will also be posted on AFPCCC’s Facebook page.

For more information on posting a job and to pay, please click here.