POST DATE                              JOB TITLE                                                                                   EMPLOYER                                                                          EXPIRATION DATE

7/31/18                                   Development Director                                                                Women's Empowerment                                                   10/1/18
8/23/18                                   Donor Relations Manager                                                          Stanford Youth Solutions                                                   9/23/18
9/5/18                                     Development Director                                                                 Feather River Land Trust                                                   10/5/18           
9/5/18                                     Associate Dir., California Major Gifts and Communications   American Rivers                                                                10/5/18
9/5/18                                     Donor Relations Specialist                                                          Coalition for Compassionate Care of California            10/5/18
9/10/18 Development Manager Solar Cookers International 10/10/18

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