I am AFP

Throughout the year, an AFP member shares information about their role as a fundraiser in our community and how they become involved with the AFPCCC chapter. Our newest interview features Devin Yoshikawa, Annual Fund Manager at the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services, who is a new AFP member and is enjoying gaining experience in the fundraising profession.

April 2018 - Devin Yoshikawa

What inspired you to enter the fundraising field?

I have always had an interest in the operational, behind the scenes, aspects of non-profit organizations, but I haven’t had much experience with fundraising.  By working in various departments of different organizations, over time I was able to learn what non-profit development can look like.  It wasn’t until my current role that I was able to dive into development head first.  In non-profit development, I have found a deep appreciation and ability to support the programs that make a difference.

Where do you go if you have a fundraising question?

www.afpnet.org, my Director of Development or my local AFP Chapter! It doesn’t get much easier than the wealth of information housed on AFP’s website.  But for connecting with experienced and local fundraising professionals, the California Capital Chapter has proven to be a great resource.

Where do you want your fundraising career to go?

I am looking forward to soaking up all that I can when it comes to non-profit development. I know that I have a lot of road to cover, but I believe that the important experience is gained along the journey, not from the destination.

What is your proudest moment as a fundraiser?

My proudest moment to date as a fundraiser has been a mixture of things ranging from assisting with streamlining internal processes related to our development functions to executing development focused events, as well as building out our Development Team.